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Season Allergies/Migraines

“I had severe year-round allergies. I tried many medicines; Claritin, Zyrtec, Allegra. nothing worked. Migraines were constant in my life. I began receiving treatments from the NSRT (Bax 3000) in February, 2013. Since receiving the first few laser treatments, my migraines and allergy symptoms have de-creased 80%.” Working towards our goal of 100%!



“I’ve been smoking on and off since age 14. I did the stop smoking program using the NSRT (BAX 3000) and had terrific results. I haven’t smoked since I received the three required treatments in November 2010.”

Mark W. (Fireman)

Ringing of the ears 

For 18 months, I suffered from an onset of unexplained unsteadi-ness and dizziness. I saw several ENT doctors and none of them could help me. I had given up and in June of 2009 my chiropractor, Dr. Debby, told me about a laser therapy treatment she had. Over several treatments, my vertigo continued to dissipate and after six weeks I have yet to have a recurrence. Are there still miracles? I personally know of one. As of May 2013 I am still doing great!”

Tony (retired)

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

“Thank you so much for all you did for me. I was very much afraid that my health was on a downward spiral. The work you did on me combined with the NSRT (BAX 3000) has turned my health around. I am feeling excited about life again.”

Elizabeth (flew from Boston in November of 2009)

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