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MassageTherapy in Marietta

We’re pleased to offer our patients full-circle wellness that goes beyond chiropractic care. At Porter Family Chiropractic Center, our massage therapist can do more than just help you relax—they crafts a unique plan for your massage therapy session based on what your muscles and body needs for proper healing.

Custom Massages

Massage Therapy MariettaOur massage therapist have a deep understanding of the body and a great intuitive touch. She knows exactly which way your muscles need to move and be stretched to better hold your chiropractic adjustment, allowing for improved and quicker healing. Through massage, reflexology and activating trigger points, we can restore proper function and placement to your muscles, allowing for your spinal vertebrae and other bones to stay in place and not be pulled in the wrong direction by tense or tight muscles. Massage therapy can be beneficial for:

  • Pregnant women
  • Office workers
  • Physical laborers
  • Athletes
  • Individuals seeking relaxation and wellness

Book Your Appointment

Massage therapy can be an excellent compliment to your chiropractic adjustments. To book your appointment with our therapist, please contact our practice today. Contact Us

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